Our Partners

Cortex Health has, and will continue to, form partnerships with highly specialised companies who share a similar philosophy to ourselves. We understand the value & experience within these companies and in turn, look to these companies to recognise the Australian local needs as well as the expertise within Cortex Health.

We are proud to be affiliated with these companies.

Cambrooke Therapeutics - US


Patient Focused Therapeutic Nutrition

Cambrooke Therapeutics is a leader and global innovator in the field of advanced medical nutrition. We are passionate in our pursuit of improving the lives of patients by bringing new therapeutic options to those with chronic medical needs. We bring value to the medical community by developing, manufacturing and commercializing nutritional therapeutic options to improve patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and operational efficiency across a broad spectrum of diseases.

Cambrooke Therapeutics (expansion of Cambrooke Foods) was founded in 2000 by Lynn and David Paolella, the parents of two children diagnosed with a rare disease called phenylketonuria (PKU). PKU is one of the few genetic diseases, which is managed almost entirely with nutritional intervention. The Paolellas’ goal in forming Cambrooke was simple - to develop improved nutritional therapeutic options for those with serious medical disorders. Today, Cambrooke produces medical formulas and foods for the management of a variety of medical conditions and we are continually innovating new nutritional options targeted at a wide array of diseases.