Shipping & Delivery Charges

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the low protein food products that we get from Cambrooke Therapeutics in the US arrive into Australia in the best possible condition. Many have been shipped in a refrigerated shipping container and then stored here in Melbourne in commercial refrigerated conditions. All products are packed into boxes or eskies plus dry ice if they have to be sent cold. Depending on the distance from Melbourne, this also impacts the amount of dry ice required.

All these products are sent by courier. If the delivery is to any of the capital cities (except Melbourne) then the parcel is sent by air as is any shipment with refrigerated foods. If the shipment only contains dry products, then these may be shipped by road as this is cheaper. Depending on where the delivery is, we will aim to ship on certain days to ensure that the order is delivered by the end of the week and not kept in a warehouse over a weekend.

We have containers / eskies which are 5 kgs, 8 kgs, 15kgs or 20kgs? This is volumetric weight, not actual weight.

  • The box depends on what you are ordering. For example, if you are ordering 2 packets of cheese only, this will fit into a 5 kg esky to allow for the dry ice and packing.
  • If you are ordering 2 packet of cheese plus anything else it will go into the larger esky. If you are not ordering the cheese, then they will be packed into a heavy duty box

When will they be dispatched?

  • Orders to NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS & SA will be dispatched Monday to Wednesday
  • Orders to QLD and WA will be dispatched Monday & Tuesday.

Am I regional or Metro?

If the delivery is within 35 kms of the capital city centre, then please select METRO.

Can I have my food order sent to my work, my pharmacy or to another family member? This may even be preferable especially if there is someone there between 9am-5pm to sign for the delivery. Please get their permission first.

What are the Shipping Instructions? Please write whatever instruction you would like passed onto the courier. Please don’t put phone numbers to call as many of them are not allowed to make calls during runs. Instructions such as “Leave on Front porch, if no-one at home” or “OK to leave in garage” are really helpful.

Victorian customers only also have the option to pick up their order from the warehouse in Tullamarine. There is a facility to select "Collection from Tullamarine" (at the postage point of checkout) at only $5 for pick/pack and esky fee. The order can be collected the following day after it is placed between 12pm and 3pm from the LFS Warehouse front desk at number 4 International Square, Tullamarine.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are new to this but our aim is to add value so all feedback is gratefully received.